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Play to Their Strengths

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

I always thought that my son was hyperactive, didn't want to listen, and was intentionally disobedient. Then I read this book...

Instead of focusing on his weaknesses, I am helping him to hone his strengths.

Play to Their Strengths challenged everything I thought I knew about parenting. It helped me to see my son in a new way and gave me the tools I needed to understand who he is as a child and who I am as his mother.

The parenting and kids assessments were extremely practical and were a reminder to me that I am the very best parent for my child. My husband and I have different strengths and that can work to our advantage. Instead of getting frustrated with each other and our boys, we can work together to help our boys to become healthy, strong, and kind men. The Millers' practical steps help me feel much more confident as a parent and make me excited for what the future holds!

If you get the book or have already taken the assessments, what are your kids' strengths and your parenting strengths? I'll include mine in the comments!

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