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Terms and Conditions

Below are the Terms and Conditions for website use and purchases. If you have any questions, you can email me at

Website Use

None of the services or products provided--either free or purchased--may be duplicated or distributed without written consent from Melissa Moore, owner of Faith Hope Love Speaking and Coaching. 

Speaking & Coaching Terms


Coaching and speaking are present and future-focused, and is intended for individuals who are looking to grow in their faith and personal growth goals. It is not intended to be used as therapy and will not cover past events or trauma. If you are looking for a licensed therapist, please contact me and I would love to connect you with someone who can meet those needs.


Partial refunds are available for our single coaching sessions but must be discussed during the coaching session and I must also be notified in writing, through email. Refunds are not available for Coaching Plans, as they require a commitment and are offered at a lower rate per session. 

Speaker and Team-Coaching deposits are non-refundable.


If you need to reschedule your coaching session, please contact me with at least 24 hours notice. No-shows or less than 24 hours notice will still need to submit payment for the session.

Speaker and Team-Coaching deposits are non-refundable for cancellations. If you need to reschedule your speaking engagement, it must be at least 20 days before the scheduled date. Email me to discuss availability.

Personal Rights

If I am not a good fit for working with you or your organization, I withhold the right to deny service. If you are part of a Coaching Plan and, at any point during our partnership, it becomes clear that it is no longer a good fit, I will refer you to other resources and refund you for any remaining sessions. 


Prices are subject to change. If you purchase a Coaching Plan, that price will be locked in for those 6 sessions.


Topics discussed in coaching sessions are confidential unless it becomes clear that you are a danger to yourself or others. I am a Mandated Reporter in the state of California. 

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