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Rest vs Escape

I recently stumbled across this comparison between Rest and Escape.

For so many years, I viewed rest and self-care as taking time to get away from the stressful aspects of my life. This usually entailed eating a handful of chocolates, binging the latest show on Netflix, and scrolling endlessly on Facebook. While none of these is inherently bad, labeling these as self-care inhibited me from practicing true self-care.

I am trying to put true self-care into practice: allowing myself to acknowledge the difficult things in my life, process the impact of those things on my daily experience, and implement self-care practices that heal my heart, strengthen my body, and enrich my mind.

While self-care will look different for each person, here are some examples below of some practices that have helped me to to care for my heart, body, and mind:

•Invest time in a supportive community that knows you well and encourages you to become the best version of yourself (friends, family, church small group, MOPS table).

•Visit a therapist weekly/monthly to unpack some of the difficult experiences of your past or present.

•Become actively involved in your church (allows for weekly Biblical study, worship, and serving others in your community).

•Get moving (walk around the block, do yoga in your living room, or begin weightlifting at your local gym).

•Get outside (enjoy your morning coffee on the back porch, go to the park with your kids, or take a hike on a nearby trail).

•Read a good book (try a new self-help book or a fiction series).

Leave some ideas in the comments below:

What self-care practices do you use and how does practicing true self-care promote rest in your daily life?

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